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I’m Elizabeth Manuel and I show spiritually minded women who are struggling with feelings of emptiness, self-doubt, depression and mediocre relationships how to feel confident, live a passionate life, be happier and have richer relationships.

Like the eruption of a lava filled volcano, my life exploded! In relatively fast succession, I became a single parent, my beloved dad died, my house was broken into, and I lost a significant amount of money to a fraudulent investment.

I was in so much despair, I considered ending my own life.

Upon reconsideration I chose to live, however not the same way I had lived before. I made a decision!

I’ve created a powerful program where I literally take you under my wing and guide you for an entire six months. I want to share these steps with you, these are tangible, practical ways to harness the power of happiness to invite miracles more abundantly into your life.

This six month course is for you if there are areas of your life that are simply not working and you’d like to have a more positive experience. If you’re going through a difficult time, experiencing worry, stress, hurt or depression and you want to transform your life and find happiness and peace and success.

Over our six months together it gives us time to help you release these unconscious, limiting beliefs and habits that you’ve developed over your lifetime. I will support you in taking consistently small, doable steps that will lead to beautiful, permanent changes and a life lived with greater happiness, ease and grace.

Despite being bruised and battered, I would discover the secrets to living a happy, successful and remarkable life.

This is what I’m here to share with you.



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