Happy Easter

Easter and spring go together like:
Peas and carrots and Forrest Gump and Jenny
Freshness, new beginnings, longer daylight hours, generating new possibilities!
Yet this spring, a pervasive fear has surrounded and permeated humanity.
This is a global impact! We can see more clearly than ever,
how we are so very connected to everyone across the planet.
We all live on one round sphere!
This is a big wake-up call for all of us. A turning point if you will!
Things will never be the “old normal” again!
And yet we can also lean inward and develop our spiritual muscles.
We can make new choices and decisions on how to respond to “what is”.
We can explore new ideas and opportunities.
Together we can make a difference!

Happy Spring! Happy Easter!

Celebrate the joy of life right now!

As a licensed spiritual and grief counsellor,
please join me on Sundays at 5 pm Licensed to Pray!


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