I was thinking about you, and all of my clients the other day and I hope you are doing as well as possible.
I wanted to reach out and make sure that everything is okay with you.
While chances are good that you are not ill, the likelihood is you are worried about the future.
The global events of the past month have already impacted me and my clients. The situation regarding the virus continues to evolve.
I am receiving calls to help with all kinds of things, whether it is physical, mental or emotional or spiritual well-being.
I want you to know that you are not alone. I am here to support and guide you through this turbulent time.
Uncertainty is even scarier than knowing the outcome – even a negative outcome!
There are powerful ways to navigate through the fear and uncertainty, ways to develop a resilient mindset. Being able to keep yourself calm, centred and moving forward.
I will be sending out more newsletters and using Facebook live and Instagram, to share tools that you need not just to survive but to thrive, and indeed continue to be outrageously happy during these times of uncertainty and upheaval.
If you know and practice the tools you can prosper MORE, not less in the months and years to come.

Make sure you are connected with me on social media so you can be as happy as possible!
Now is the time to recognize and use our internal power and to find a sense of certainty in the midst of chaos and confusion.
I want to give you a lot of support and resources right now, so please go to my website and download the e-books that are waiting for you!  Check back for when I’ll be hosting webinars and other opportunities for you to join in.
I feel a deep responsibility to show up and support you during this time and I know that all of the tools I’ll be sharing will serve you for the highest and best.
It’s more important than ever for all of us to stay positive, calm, and connected in a resourceful way.
I know that’s challenging! So to help you out I am working on some social media posts and videos to reach as many people as possible!

Meanwhile here is one very practical and powerful tool:

Breathe deeply!

Amazingly simple and often discounted, one of the quickest ways to calm yourself is to practice deep breathing. I recommend breathing in for a three or four-count, and exhaling for a six or an eight count.
The longer count for the exhalation stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system that tells your body and mind “it’s okay to calm down”
When we are stressed and anxious we generally take short shallow breaths that contribute to even more anxiety and less ability to be proactive.
Right now our more primitive, reactive, instinctive brain systems are on high alert.
Practicing deep breathing will help you quickly gain control of your brain. With a renewed focus on longer and more thorough hand washing, you can practice this breath every time you wash your hands!
As this is an unprecedented time I am also opening up 15 minute spots for complementary crisis coaching!
If you need support please reach out via email or send me a text or drop me a phone message and we will arrange a time to chat. I am here to support you to the best of my ability.


Photo by Khadeeja Yasser on Unsplash

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