Do you know about The Marriage Effect?

Martin Seligman author of Authentic Happiness states, “Marriage is robustly related to happiness.”
Scientific research proves that one of the best ways to have a long, happy, healthy life, is to be in a good marriage!
February! The month of love, Valentines’ Day, brings dread or delight, it is a somewhat enforced day to recognize the power of love.
I love being married! I love being in a great marriage where I feel supported, nourished and listened to!
(It wasn’t always this way. I did have a practice marriage that helped me to learn what I truly desired)
As I shared on City TV this week, I believe that Valentines’ Day is a good reminder for everyone in a relationship to take the time to genuinely appreciate, value, and spend quality time with your partner.
Activities and experiences, provide sustainable long term happiness over “things or objects”
Engaging in fun, enjoyable, stimulating events or learning new things together, will boost your sustainable long-term happiness.
The biggest challenge to real quality time will be stepping away from technology, from a few minutes to a few hours.
The brain’s addiction and compulsion to constantly check messages; is hugely interruptive, alienating, and diminishing true connection!
As I shared on City TV, the best present is true presence!
You will be pleasantly surprised what genuine eye contact can do!  You will have heard the expression “eyes are the gateway to the soul”
If you have not practiced eye contact with your beloved, it may actually feel weird or uncomfortable initially!
Eye contact will help build trust, intimacy, belonging and connection!
So this Valentine’s Day gaze into your beloved eyes, spend some time really looking at this person with whom you share your life. Express your love and be mesmerized with your eyes!


Photo by Philipe Cavalcante on Unsplash

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