Here’s what I said on City News February, 2020

We were having a conversation around happiness and love and romance! Apparently Fort McMurray has won the title for the most romantic city based on their purchase of books and assorted romantic items.
As a happiness expert, I strongly recommend that men read some romantic or erotic books!
There is a great deal of wisdom to be gained.
There is a reason why romantic and erotic books are a billion-dollar industry. Most women, (and men to in fact) want to be loved passionately, desired intensely, and known completely.

In fact these three things:

  • Loved passionately
  • Desired intensely
  • Known completely

Are the foundation of every novel, the theme will be consistent, desires and needs will be met, love will prevail!
Yes, it’s over the top! Yes in the books there are prolonged blissful, ecstatic, rapturous states! DUH!
Well who couldn’t use a little more of that?
In our stressed-out, busy, disconnected, hectic world!
Men take note!
These books can be your most powerful relationship rejuvenator. They are filled with hints, tips, ideas’, clues on how to amaze your woman!  You can even read them out loud together!

So in a Dr. Seuss way I say
Read them, read them everywhere
Try some ideas if you dare
Practice, practice every day
Vibrancy and passion are coming your way
Both my male and female clients, who have taken this piece of coaching to heart, are experiencing joy filled, enlivened relationships.
The advantages of reading romantic, passionate, or erotic novels are many!

These advantages include:
Enhanced neural pathways towards romance and positive relationships
Improved confidence, in every novel there is trouble to be overcome
Vicarious learning through the mistakes of the characters
Developing more empathy and compassion
The research is in!
Happy, healthy relationships are the foundation of an amazing life.
I know because I get to experience it every day!
As I say in my biography, fairytales can come true!


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