The New Year is off and running, the question is, is it running off without you?
Have you been left behind?
While time races forward.
New Year SAME frustrated, impatient, stressed out, possibly anxious, shall I add busy? YOU!
Basically, your life will be startlingly similar to last year!
If this is wonderful news, congratulations!
If however, you would like to experience more joy, richer relationships, increased energy, and optimism, you have come to the right place.
Intriguing research suggests that our beliefs about what will make us happy are often wrong! (Daniel Gilbert, Harvard Psychologist)
This was certainly true for me right up to my late 30s, when I seriously started my research on happiness.
Most of us are mistaken about what brings us genuine, sustainable happiness.
Most of us don’t even know what happiness really is, or if it’s even worth bothering about.
I state unequivocally that genuine happiness is the foundation of an amazing life.
To me, Outrageous Happiness can be described as a daily feeling of well-being, optimism, love, engagement, meaning and worth.
As opposed to a daily feeling of, anxiety, shame, doubt, fear, stress, and lethargy.
In fact, prioritizing your personal happiness is actually not a selfish endeavour, rather it is for the good of all humanity.
The truth is when we are happier, we are more patient, kinder, more loving, more inclusive, more clearheaded, more engaged, smarter and healthier!
I am living proof personified!
My clients are inspired, amazed and empowered, you can be too!
What makes you happy?
Forward-thinking, proactive people, just like you, are choosing to experience greater happiness in 2020!


Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash

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