The mind is a very powerful tool. Who is in charge of your mind? Or does your mind have a mind of its own? There is no such thing as a neutral thought! Your thoughts aware real, they are bioelectrical and biochemical impulses.

Every single thought you think creates a reaction in your body and in your physical reality. Thoughts are all about vibrations and energy. Every single thought is sending out energy just like very powerful radio waves.

What signals are you sending out? Becoming aware of your thinking is the first step in creating successful mind power.  What happens when you smell stinking rotten garbage? Do you stick your nose in the bag and breathe in over and over again, or do you throw it out? Becoming aware of your “smelly unproductive thoughts” and immediately throwing them out is the key to your success.

Successful thinking is guaranteed to create success whatever success means for you. Your negative thoughts create negative vibrations, which dilute the positive effects you may want to create in your life.  Right now, I want you to think of ONE thing that you deeply desire.

Now, I want you to be honest and check to see if you heard the “stinky garbage” rearing inside your head telling you all the “practical” reasons why you can’t have this particular desire. I’m too old, too young, I don’t have enough time, enough money and so on. These unproductive “stinky thoughts” dilute your desires.

Your positive thoughts must be nurtured on a continuous basis.  Think about your desires and dreams with excitement and enthusiasm and send your positive “radio waves” into the universe using the power of your mind to create success.

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