Create some joy every day with this four-step recipe:

Step one:
Open your eyes in the morning and be grateful that you are alive for another day! Before you get out of bed, set your intention to have a lovely day, breathe into your heart and feel love for yourself and your loved ones.

Step two:
Practice one act of kindness towards someone else today. Are you taking your family for granted? Have you demonstrated your gratitude for their presence in your life? Go beyond your ordinary obligations and reap the rewards!

Step three:
Stretch and move your body to get energy flowing and create more endorphins. In order to be more loving towards others, we must first nurture and become loving towards ourselves. Your body will reward you for taking the time to care for it.

Step four
Eat some dark chocolate that is at least 70% cocoa. You will have more energy and feel greater joy and satisfaction with the chocolate.

Premium grade dark chocolate is filled with vitamins and minerals that promote feeling good and feeling good can promote more sex which is extremely beneficial for your primary relationship

Have a lovely day and enjoy this recipe, guaranteed to turn out perfectly every-time!

Your relationships will flourish if you practice and spend ten to fifteen minutes a day on this recipe.

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