Whether you realize it or not, you are creating your life experience through the power of your mind and imagination. The power of imagination is not something you have to acquire; you have it already! You think in images even if you aren’t aware that you do, and you use your imagination every single day of your life. When you think about the past you are imagining. When you think about the future you are imagining. And as you imagine and concentrate on anything with feeling, you are bringing it to you.

When you are happy and excited about something, you are using your power of imagination positively. You are imagining the best, and as you imagine the best, you are bringing it to you. Use your imagination to help you create the fabulous life that you want.

Using the power of your imagination is something that comes to you naturally, but I want you to understand something about your imagination that will change your life: Everything is created twice, once in your mind and then in form. Look at the room you are in, notice any three things and realize someone had to think of this object for it to come into creation. When you imagine yourself with something you want you are tuning in to the energy and frequency of it, and you being to think, act, and feel in accordance with this vibration.

First, imagine something that you desire or prefer. It could be money, health, a particular job, a partner, a vacation, happiness, or anything else. Imagine yourself as if your desire was already in your life. You have this “thing” right now. Close your eyes and really get the sensation and feeling of yourself with your desire fulfilled.

Pay special attention to what you see about yourself in your imagined picture. Notice how you are talking and moving. Look at your posture and your gestures and tone of voice. What language are you using?  Are you generous and loving? Notice how you are acting. Notice how you are feeling. Look at everything about yourself in your imagined picture, but in particular, notice how happy you are! Capture every detail that you can, before you open your eyes.

There is probably a difference between yourself right now and your imagined picture of yourself. Step into the life of your imagination like you are practicing a scene in a play. Walk like that now. Talk like that now. Act like that now. Feel the same as that now. Become happy now. Be that person now! When you become the person in your imagined picture you have shifted yourself to the frequency of your desire, and it must and will appear. Your imagination is showing you precisely the person you need to become. It is showing you what you look like and how to act and feel so that you can copy it and become that person!

To help you become more and more like the person in your imagination, practice often by closing your eyes and seeing yourself in the imagined picture with your desire. Then go about your day doing your best to act and feel like that person. You will be amazed at how little copying it takes before you see the evidence that your desire is coming.


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