Did you know that even adding one hour of sleep to your nightly schedule could improve your happiness quotient significantly? Did you also know that one of the top two reasons people find themselves in a bad mood at work was a poor night’s sleep?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, companies lose around $35 billion every year in loss of productivity, sick leave, medical expenses, and property and environmental damage, all thanks to their employees’ sleep deprivation.

Stress, work pressure, and hectic family life can often lead to sleep deprivation. Without a good rest it’s hard enough to get through your day, never mind be happy.

Is lack of sleep having an effect on your life? Sometimes lack of sleep can seem like tossing a rock into the water—ripples spread out farther than you can imagine.

How can we start to achieve the good night’s sleep we deserve?

Put on some relaxing music, something that your brain can relate to that will say, “Hey, time to shut off all this work, because it’s time to relax.”

And when you crawl into bed, sleep. Do not spend this time worrying about the day’s events, what may be coming up tomorrow, or even whether you have the money for the mortgage that may be due soon. As you lay in bed there is nothing you can do about those things, so please let it go.A good night’s sleep will do you much better than forgoing sleep to worry about things and events beyond your control. Besides, isn’t the thought of waking up in a cheery mood a great plan of action to increase your happiness every day?

Sweet dreams.

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