With a change in your attitude you can change your life! In my Principles of Prosperity seminar, I talk about attitudes and how they contribute to your overall experience of life.  The bottom line is that our success or failure begins and ends with our attitudes about ourselves and success. What we believe determines our results. Think big and prosperous and you’ll get big, prosperous results. Think small and lacking and you’ll achieve just that. The choice is yours. Our attitude shows up in everything we think, say and do. Most of us have routine or mechanical “jobs or things” that we do everyday. For instance, driving to work for many is a daily routine. Time wise this may be anywhere from 10 minutes up to an hour.


Your attitude is showing up right now. Your attitude is setting the stage for what is next to come. If you are choosing a grumpy or negative attitude on your commute to work you are sending waves of grumpy energy ahead of you to your workplace. While you are driving to work you can focus on how awful traffic is and how stressed you are, letting your thoughts run rampant. Then you arrive at work and walk into exactly the same energy you created. You are always attracting back what you give out. Surprise! If you don’t like what you have created, the bonus is you can re-choose in any given moment to change your attitude and thus create new and better results.

During the drive to work you can consciously set your intention to “feel good” and think about all the benefits you derive from your work.  Plus, you can use your driving time to listen to your favorite music or an inspirational CD.  Busy people can take this opportunity for quality alone time with a gentle attitude shift.

  • I’m lucky to have this job where I get to meet some really wonderful people.
  • I love to receive my paycheck for work well done.
  • I really enjoy testing my skills with this job.
  • Challenges are a way for me to develop more creativity.
  • I thrive on helping and serving others.
  • My contribution to this company is valuable.

Changing your thoughts and attitudes to a more positive outlook will bring more success and prosperity into your daily experience.

To Your Continued Success and Prosperity


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