I often take my own advice to get out and go for walk, especially as close to nature as possible. I feel very fortunate to walk by the river and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me.

In my opinion, we must pause for at least a few moments during the day and genuinely look around and notice whatever positive thing we can—whether it’s a picture, an ornament, or the smiling face of your associate.

I advocate for your increased health, happiness, and well-being!

When is the last time you stopped to enjoy a scenic viewpoint? In our busy and hectic world, we often miss the power of the present moment. There can be a strong tendency to hurry on, to get to the next thing. Today, maybe try taking a different route home and find a place to park for a brief respite! Or take a lesson from my dog, and get out and find a bench to lay on for a few minutes out of your busy and hectic day!