When I was a kid I always wanted the biggest piece of cake, or whatever the “treat” was. Who didn’t, right? It seems ingrained in our culture that bigger is better. We have much bigger houses than ever before. We have bigger meals and bigger vehicles. We are pretty much indoctrinated with a “bigger is better” attitude.

I totally appreciate that I now have three bathrooms in my house, and that I don’t have to share a shower with seven family members! I totally appreciate that I have a huge west-facing deck, where lasting happiness is found on a pleasant day… I totally appreciate that my husband surprised me by buying a lovely huge fridge that stores all of our fresh food.

Yes, sometimes bigger is better, but not ALL the time! When bigger isn’t better…

When we stop finding the joy, and it becomes a relentless and restless pursuit to biggerize…When our egos get too involved in our choices, and our choices are not heart-centered… When we forget the little things that really do matter…

Sustainable happiness is found in simple pleasures and relishing the moment. Some of my best moments have been spent in a tiny one-room cabin with no running water and a wood-burning stove. It’s so important to create memories that last.

So the moral of the story is…

Be aware of what is driving you (is it instinct or approval seeking?) and appreciate, appreciate, appreciate!

My dog also knows that bigger is better, and when choosing between sticks she ALWAYS chooses the biggest one she can sink her teeth into. This one probably weighed 12 pounds and she was determined to carry it for a long time!

Take a lesson from my dog!

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