Over the past year, I have spent many hours at the dentist as a result of a broken tooth. I had a lot of different choices for how I wanted to manage the pain and the anxiety of surgery, and one of my choices was laughing gas. I have heard about it many times, of course, and even I referenced it in terms of humor and finding the funny in some of my writings, but I never had the first-hand experience of it before now.

I was kind of looking forward to it based on my limited understanding of its effects. 

In my opinion, though, there was nothing funny about it. They started the gas, and I immediately thought I would vomit. I felt weirdly claustrophobic, so they turned it way, way down, and I apparently I saved around 11 dollars by not using as much as “normal.”  Whoo-hoo!

One of my other options was some kind of pill. The dentist had to personally give me this pill, so I had to come in an hour early and have a driver take me to and from the office. Within 30 minutes, I was under the influence… I was awake (sort of ), but I didn’t care what he was doing in my mouth. After the surgery, I was driven home and had the best afternoon nap ever!

In my opinion, the magic pill wins hands down—and this was no laughing matter!