The above picture was us celebrating at a Halloween party with Doreen Virtue (an American author and a motivational speaker Virtue has written over 50 books)  and James Van Praagh  (he has written numerous books, including The New York Times bestseller Talking to Heaven).

As part of my ongoing commitment to continuously release things I no longer need, I went through all of my old photos, discarding those that did not provide great memories. I rediscovered and remembered some awesome thought-provoking times in my life.  This is one of the pictures I will be keeping because it represents a time where I was determined to find answers, to find meaning in my life and encouraged me to take my own path.

Spending time with Doreen and James led me to write my first book entitled “Living with the Angels”.

Writing this book was a huge catharsis for me and helped me understand and put into perspective the challenges I experienced and overcame. Writing and self-publishing this book increased my confidence, helped to heal past traumas and helped a few thousand women who came to my workshops because of the book.

This was a time in my life where I really had to push out of my comfort zone and let go of some limiting beliefs ( I’m not good enough, I don’t really matter).

I encourage you to look through your own photographs, discarding those that don’t bring rewarding, positive memories forward.
I invited my daughter and husband to join in for a few hours, and we shared some great laughs while reminiscing (some of the clothing and hairstyles in the 80s leaves a lot to be desired, what were we thinking! Lol)

As quality time is one of my strongest love languages, this was an ideal activity to share with my daughter and my husband.

This is a fabulous Rainy Day project!

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