In the past eight years, I’ve developed a love for gardening and flowers.

I follow my own advice on the cathartic impact tending flowers brings.
Playing in the dirt, being outside in nature, seeing the fruits of my labour blossom into beautiful flowers – definitely increases my sustainable happiness.

There is tons of research that support planting and gardening as a viable happiness increasing tool!

As I was tending to my garden yesterday, I noticed an extraordinary amount of weeds had sprouted in a short period of time. They just showed up, completely uninvited, taking up valuable space and providing zero beauty.

They reminded me how important it is, to pay very close attention to the thoughts running my mind, which then run my life. Some thoughts are like noxious weeds (pervasive, persistent, perhaps even toxic, adding zero beauty, zero happiness, zero joy).In fact, they are most likely to be detracting, subtracting, and obfuscating, the genuine beauty in my life.

These thoughts will say things like:

  • It’s not enough
  • there’s never enough
  • I’m not enough
  • I can’t

They will drown me with their pitiful cries of woe, unless I pull them out roots and all, clearing the space in my mind to support new positive flourishing neural pathways!

Happy Weeding!

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