It’s late Saturday afternoon when it happens. No water.

My husband is in the middle of his shower, getting ready for a black-tie function. My neighbor phones, (she is also going to an event) checking to see if we have water at our house. No warning, no timeframe, no water. I’m so grateful that I had some water in the kettle so my husband could rinse his hair. I’m so grateful that my hair was already done.

Running water is something we often take for granted, expecting it to be here on demand! Something that one in three people lack access to. More people have a mobile phone than a toilet. My minuscule crisis, while seemingly important at the time, reminds me to practice gratitude for all that I have. The practice of gratitude is a singularly powerful tool to nurture and develop a happier brain and a happier life.

It’s amazing how quick we are to gripe and groan and complain when something is not working; however, we are less quick to be grateful and acknowledge how important it is until it’s gone. Today, take a few moments to notice all of the things that help your life be better. Then share your gratitude and appreciation at your dinner table, at the office, or with your friends. Reminding ourselves and each other is a powerful way to increase positive feelings and not take so much for granted. If you feel inspired, learn more here and how to help millions and millions of people access to water.

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