Being a mother is an all-consuming, sometimes thankless task!

Yet ultimately, most mothers will say parenting is rewarding as well. As mothers, we want the best for our children and tend to sacrifice some of our own needs. One caveat I urge you to consider if you are a mother is what you are role modeling for your children, especially your girls. Teach your children well!

We need to empower our girls not to sacrifice their own happiness while contributing to others well-being.  Over sacrificing leads to frustration, anxiety, and martyrdom which is not conducive to a happy, joyful life.

Frazzled nerves can lead to negative outbursts and unhealthy anger (some anger is healthy when expressed appropriately). We must find ways to give and RECEIVE.

Allow others to assist and help you in small ways every day!

What would this look like for you — help with dishes, laundry, taking out the trash? Make a list. STOP saying, “oh it’s okay,” if it is really not okay. What are you saying, “oh it’s okay, ” to? Really think about what is truly burning you up.

Find your NO!

Sometimes saying no can feel hard, so we use “maybe, I’ll think about it, etc. Saying NO is a big energy saver.

Be more compassionate with yourself!

What would you say to your friend or sister who is undergoing something you are experiencing? Whatever you would advise them, utilize on yourself. Compassion and understanding are far more healthy and healing over judgment and criticism.
So this Mother’s Day and all year, practice these four strategies for your long-term happiness!

To your Outrageously Magic Mother’s Day!


Elizabeth Manuel
Happiness Expert

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