Physical detours are everywhere – construction, roadwork, floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes. I often groan at the sign of yet another detour. Although I recognize patience is a virtue, it is one I struggle with.  I still need to remind myself to slow down and breathe when there is an obstruction on my path. My challenge is to embrace the long and winding road when a part of me wants to hurry the hell up and GET THERE ALREADY!

It’s interesting how “life” upsets our plans to get there.
Because our plans to get there, don’t include detours! 

We mistakenly believe that to be happy, all of our needs, wants, desires, achievements, and goals must be met. Not only must they be met, they must be met unconditionally (according to our personal preferences), and relatively obstacle free.

Up until my late thirties, I really suffered from, “I will be happy when syndrome.” When things go my way! (For once, dammit.)  Being outrageously happy means that instead of fighting against what is occurring, I let go of my resistance and forge ahead in navigating over this treacherous terrain, making new empowering choices along the way. My personal treacherous terrain has included loss, death, suffering, illness (myself and others), divorce, embezzlement, depression, injuries, accidents; basically the usual human experience.

All of these experiences, have contributed to my growth, my self- development, my confidence and my self-esteem. Becoming happier has changed my brain, which changes my reactions and responses to the vicissitudes of life. Living an outrageously happy life means having more control over that part of me that wants to hurry the hell up and get there NOW!

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