Dendrites are little branch structures that live on your neurons in the brain; think of them like little roots that receive neural information. They can help us grow new neural pathways and keep our brains operating effectively.

Fun Fact: The word dendrite has come from dendron which means a tree in Greek.

Not all music can boost your happiness and intelligence, but some particular types of classical music are extremely powerful. These types of music forge new dendrite connections in the brain, no matter what our age.

To keep our brains healthy and happy, my husband and I recently went to the Winspear Concert Hall to hear the huge pipe organ (technical, I know).  Not something that we would ordinarily attend, but I am open to stimulating my dendrites and neural pathways (I can be pretty scientific when I want).

Hidden Spaces: Inside Canada’s largest concert pipe organ

Here is a fascinating look at the inside of the pipe organ. Who knew? I certainly had no idea what it looked like. I cannot fathom the creativity and thought process of the very first pipe organ builder!

I encourage you to try something different for yourself. You don’t have to make a lifetime commitment, simply opening yourself up and expanding your brain helps you to get out of your ruts.

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