The weekend is over. Back to the daily grind and slogging it out for another five days.

For many, this is a repetitious pattern resulting in Monday morning dread. Sometimes anxiousness can creep in on Sunday night when you are thinking about Monday morning. According to the European Journal of Epidemiology, there really are more heart attacks and emergencies on Monday mornings, the risk of a heart attack is about 20% greater on Mondays for men and 15% greater for women.

I invite you to change your mind about Mondays. Think of them as a mini New Year affording you the opportunity for a new beginning, a fresh start! This may be difficult at first because your brain will have hundreds of automatic thoughts bubbling to the surface:

  • I wonder what time that meeting is on Tuesday!
  • I really need to book that manicure…
  • What is happiness anyway?
  • The house is a mess!
  • I wonder what color to paint the bedroom?

These thoughts may all happen in quick succession without your even really noticing them. Remember you can make a difference, embrace the following idea!

To Your Outrageously Happy Monday!

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