I discovered some amazing things while researching and becoming a happiness expert. Some things are so impactful that you might call them happiness boosters.

Being in a healthy relationship is one of them.

Research demonstrates that physical affection between loving partners helps the brain, heart, and other body systems work effectively. Loving touch fuels and increases oxytocin (the love hormone) which stimulates dopamine, (increasing feelings of pleasure) helping us feel wonderful when we’re close to loved ones.

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Dr. Kathleen Light at the University of North Carolina found that people in positive relationships have higher levels of oxytocin and that the more physical contact one has, the more the levels increase.

Love and a healthy sex life will dramatically increase your positive emotions, and positive emotions such as feeling pleasure, relaxation, happiness, contentment, and inner peace, will noticeably increase your resistance to colds and the flu. That’s important for us Canadians in the cold winter months.

My husband and I have now been together for eight years and are substantially healthier than ever before. Touch is amazingly powerful and we consistently make positive touch a priority in our life and relationship. Morning cuddles, welcome home hugs, and goodbye kisses.

Research indicates that adult males deprived of touch stimulation may become more aggressive, while many women become depressed and withdraw, creating a negative ripple in couple’s lives.  Many of us know how important touch is to babies and children (failure to thrive is a common problem in overcrowded orphanages) yet we somehow think once we grow up we need less touch.

I encourage you to up your level of touch today and reap the benefits immediately!

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