Traditionally Valentine’s Day is used to express love to your lover, partner, or significant other. It is often considered a forced expression, with resentment and high expectations.

You usually come into Valentine’s Day with a have-to attitude rather than a want to:

  • I have to go out for dinner.
  • I better get flowers or else.
  • I have to buy some lingerie.

While these things can all be fabulous ways of expressing love, when under pressure for a perfect day, many couples experience upset, frustration, and disappointment.

This year make it a Valentines Day fun again!

Start with the letter A and keep going until Z, and use your creativity:

  • A – I appreciate your great APPETITE
  • B – I appreciate your fabulous BELLY laugh
  • C – I love your CURLY hair
  • D – I love your DIRECT communication style
  • E – I appreciate your upbeat ENERGY
  • F – I appreciate your FRIENDSHIP

Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember by genuinely expressing your love and appreciation for this person in your life.

Laugh, share meaningful moments, have fun and enjoy.

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