It’s no joke that Mondays can be difficult! There really are more heart attacks on Monday morning than any other day of the week. But it doesn’t have to be that way, there are a few tricks you can implement to make your Mondays better.

One on Sunday night before you go to bed set your intention to be extra considerate and thoughtful on Monday. By “extra,” I mean at least 10% to 15% more than your usual. Plan exactly how and what you will do based on your work environment or usual activities.

  • Choose to buy special coffees, flowers, or other treats for your office or a particular person.
  • If you usually let one car in front of you in rush hour traffic, “up” that to three. Look for ways you can be the most considerate driver.
  • If you normally offer a two-word greeting at work, PAUSE for two full minutes and give your sincere attention to two people.
  • At lunchtime, find and watch a short and funny YouTube video, ones with animals are often very endearing.

Taking this brief time will recharge your brain which generates beneficial neural chemicals. Then when the day comes to an end (supper time),  make a point of talking about and sharing the best thing or a positive thing about your Monday experience with your loved ones.

These are simple, practical, and effective examples that will make a positive impact.

Planning and thinking ahead on Sunday night about what you will do on Monday will train your brain to be more positive and help you look forward to Monday while you sleep. In fact, performing these extra considerations and thoughtful actions will immediately increase your joy and pleasure; additionally, remembering how you helped somebody else or made someone’s day will deepen neural pathways that strengthen your pleasurable neural connections!

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