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Make sure to STOP and ENJOY the view!

I often take my own advice to get out and go for walk, especially as close to nature as possible. I feel very fortunate to walk by the river and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me. In my opinion, we must pause for at least a few moments during the day and genuinely...

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Sometimes Bigger is Better!

When I was a kid I always wanted the biggest piece of cake, or whatever the “treat” was. Who didn’t, right? It seems ingrained in our culture that bigger is better. We have much bigger houses than ever before. We have bigger meals and bigger vehicles. We are pretty...

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Laughing Gas

Over the past year, I have spent many hours at the dentist as a result of a broken tooth. I had a lot of different choices for how I wanted to manage the pain and the anxiety of surgery, and one of my choices was laughing gas. I have heard about it many times, of...

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What’s stopping you?

Many of us have dreams and desires that we don’t pursue. We don’t put any energy into making them come true. What is stopping you? I guarantee it’s your mind! Your mind is filled with limiting beliefs of what you can or cannot do. Some of these beliefs stem from early...

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Transforming Grief

When grief is new, photographs can create significant pain. Looking at a picture of a deceased loved one may cause a flood of tears, triggering the feelings of loss and devastation. If you have experienced a recent loss, as a grief therapist, I encourage you to put...

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Photographs and memories.

The above picture was us celebrating at a Halloween party with Doreen Virtue (an American author and a motivational speaker Virtue has written over 50 books)  and James Van Praagh  (he has written numerous books, including The New York Times bestseller Talking to...

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Weeding Is Required!!

In the past eight years, I’ve developed a love for gardening and flowers. I follow my own advice on the cathartic impact tending flowers brings. Playing in the dirt, being outside in nature, seeing the fruits of my labour blossom into beautiful flowers - definitely...

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Mother’s Day

Being a mother is an all-consuming, sometimes thankless task! Yet ultimately, most mothers will say parenting is rewarding as well. As mothers, we want the best for our children and tend to sacrifice some of our own needs. One caveat I urge you to consider if you are...

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Just another Magic Monday

I admit to loving all things magical; I love Harry Potter, I dream of Jeannie, Wonder Woman, Cinderella Bewitched, and charmed – I’m sure you get the idea. As an adjective magical can also be described as, “beautiful or delightful in such a way as to seem removed from...

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