The Soul of Happiness

(Can be delivered as a 1.5 hour breakout session or full day workshop)


Did you know that nurturing your spiritual self can generate profoundly more happiness?


For many people, faith provides a support community, a reason to focus beyond self, and a sense of purpose and hope. “Study after study finds that individuals who believe in a higher power are happier and that they cope better with crises”, according to David G. Myers, Hope College


“There is a strong correlation between faith and wellbeing.”, Selignman1988


“Studies report higher levels of happiness in those who have active faith!”,  Ingelhart 1990


Taking the Science of Happiness to a deeper and more intimate level, Elizabeth assists participants to communicate with their highest guidance system. She helps participants feed and nourish their own uniqueness and inner power.

Participants come alive as they connect their spirit connects to source energy. All beings are a divine channel capable of receiving loving guidance and energy. Throughout this workshop, attendees will experience:

· What is really possible in the realm of the infinite.

· How to cleanse and balance your seven main energy centers called chakras to revitalize and energize your self from the inside out.

· How naturally and easily you can tap into your sixth sense.

· Guided healing meditations with archangels.

· Releasing negativity, doubt and fear.

· The magnificence of your intuition.

Experience personal transformation in a supportive group, opening up to the core of your being, generating peace and stillness surrendering to your oneness with God and thus becoming a happier person.


Through guided imagery, discussion and self-exploration, music, journaling and experiential exercises, you will expand the inner world of your heart and learn to thrive in life.


Discover the supreme life force which continuously renews itself by means of each us.  We are God’s beloved expressions and as we understand and know this truth, we give ourselves permission to be happy right now!


Recognize and know that you are a channel through which all goodness flows.


” It is only as we allow the Divine current to flow through us on and out, that we really express life”,  Ernest Holmes


According to Hardwired to Connect: The New Scientific Case for Authoritative Communities (2003) which found among other things that “religiosity and spirituality significantly influence well-being” and “the human brain appears to be organized to ask ultimate questions and seek ultimate answers.” In other words, it seems human beings are “hardwired” to seek ultimate answers in a power greater than themselves.


Join Elizabeth for this profound experience and get the answers that are waiting to be discovered within your soul!


Happiness Expert Elizabeth Manuel is transforming the lives of thousands of people through her passionate, inspiring and refreshing presentations. Full of wonderful examples, relevant information and scientific evidence that clearly demonstrate how happy people are healthier, more productive, fulfilled & engaged, and better able to cope with day-to-day stress.