Get Happy can be delivered as a:

  • Keynote presentation
  • 1.5 – 3 hour breakout session
  • Full day workshop

Happiness training at work can be extremely profitable for companies, as well as for employees. A few brief sessions can generate enormous benefits. The cost is minimal compared to the positive and often permanent effects. The benefits of happiness training are numerous, simple and yet profound.

Get Happy helps to alleviate stress and increase wellness in participants. Elizabeth elicits personal accountability from her audiences, breaks victim mentality and teaches her happiness system for increasing productivity.

Stress. It’s not good for business or employees. Elizabeth’s presentations are proven stress busters!

According to a survey of 800,000 workers in over 300 companies, the number of employees calling in sick because of stress tripled from 1996 to 2000. In fact, an estimated 1 million workers are absent every day due to stress.

About two out of three of the workers in the survey said that workplace stress had caused difficulties, and more than 10 percent described those difficulties as having a major effect on their jobs. About one in five respondents said they had quit a previous position because of job stress, and nearly one in four have been driven to tears by it.

There is a way to change all of that with Get Happy! Get Happy! is a powerful program, where your associates will learn to identify and shift their negative habits and attitudes by recognizing limiting perceptions. They will identify new ways of creating more prosperity for themselves as individuals and thus the company as a whole. Happy employees are empowered individuals who are less stressed, take less sick time and radiate a high-energy yield! They are ready to serve!

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