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Elizabeth Manuel’s Trust Happiness Workshops reduce stress and enhance productivity.

Stress takes its toll on the human body through illness, lowered immunity, depression and anxiety. Some studies have shown that sixty percent of lost workdays are related to stress and the body’s inability to manage the onslaught. The physical symptoms of stress are frequent illness, digestive upsets, headaches, insomnia and restlessness. Emotionally the person becomes anxious, irritable, moody, frustrated and worried.

The mental toll is visible through poor concentration, forgetfulness, boredom and a generally negative outlook. MetaMind programs drive stress from the body leaving one feeling more energetic, confident and relaxed. Indeed one can simply become a happier person. MetaMind workshops offer a comprehensive accessible approach to overall health and wellness. »»


The Science of Happiness

(Can be delivered as a keynote presentation or breakout session)

Imagine working in a productive, supportive and happy environment?  Does the idea of “monday morning” bring a feeling of dread for your associates?  Does your company have TGIF syndrome?

You can transform your workplace and create a new, positive and dynamic energy where people are enthusiastic about their job.

Give your company the gift of happiness. Happiness training inspires hope and reduces the negative impact of stress in your organization. Especially in these times of economic challenges, happiness training is essential to create a healthy and prosperous company.

Learn how to:

·         Thrive rather than just survive as you recondition your thoughts.

·         Simple yet profound tools to increase your current level of happiness.

·         Discover and learn new healthy, happy habits!

·         Transformative techniques to reduce stress and increase well being.

·         Feel even more in control of your own happiness by taking positive actions.

·         Re-vitalizing, refreshing and enlightening.

Elizabeth will enlighten your audience with simple yet profound ways to increase happiness and make every day count!

Happiness Expert Elizabeth Manuel is transforming the lives of thousands of people through her passionate, inspiring and refreshing presentations. Full of wonderful examples, relevant information and scientific evidence that clearly demonstrate how happy people are healthier, more productive, fulfilled & engaged, and better able to cope with day-to-day stress.

Trust Happiness workshop or keynote options include the following

The Science of Happiness

The Soul of Happiness

This is Your Brain on Sex

Sexually Speaking