As a high school counselor, I have been able to apply much of your The Science of Happiness presentation into the work I am doing with kids in my office this week. I am grateful that I attended your workshop and wish you the best in your presentations.

My name is Stephanie Cardinal and I attended your workshop on the Science of Happiness. I wanted to follow up, as you asked, and tell you how your presentation has transformed my home, my classroom, my relationships, and my overall approach to life each day. This is probably the greatest cliche but for me it is true; your workshop has changed my life. Thank you so very much.
Stephanie Cardinal

Thank you for your messages and the wonderful session.
Mylene Devonport

You are inspiring! Thanks for the tools and reminders on how to live a prosperous life. this is exactly what I needed in my personal and prof. life! So complete! Thanks again for presenting at MPTC.

I have thought of your seminar a number of times over the past week. Thank you for your ideas and encouragement at a stressful time.
Joanne Fisher
Red Deer, AB

I was so pleased to be able to attend the Get Happy seminar at Vitalize and had to let you know how much I enjoyed it! You are such an amazing speaker and I so relate to the I’ll be happy when… syndrome. It was such a wonderful session and I especially loved the demonstration with the golf balls and marbles and also the mini vacation you took us on-it is surprising how relaxing that was!
Kelli Ritz-Virtanen
Volunteer Resources Coordinator
Innisfail Health Center

Dear Elizabeth, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for delivering a wonderful presentation “Get Happy at our Women’s Wellness lecture Series at the Grey Nuns Community Hospital. Your enthusiasm, energy and dynamic presence were evident in your presentation. Approximately 220 women attended your session. Here is the breakdown of their responses and a sampling of their comments. Of the evaluation forms we received from your presentation, all of the participants agreed or strongly agreed that they found the presentation informative and that the presenter was effective.

Additional comments by participants:

-Very informative
-Thank you Elizabeth for a great uplifting session. Great message and great tips for Happiness. Goddess Bless!
-This was like an awakening. Thank you.
-Enjoyed this more than I can express.
-Very sincere speaker.
-I appreciate the obvious commitment of the speaker to her own happiness.
-Very interesting and helpful to everyday life skills.
-Wonderful lecture. Thank you so much. I look forward to reading your books and listening to your CD’s and sharing this material.
-Speaking style very effective, simple practical methods, good use of available time.
-Speaker was at ease and clear about her topic. In tune with the audience.
-Very motivating.

It would be our pleasure to recommend you as speaker for other organizations. Once again, thank you for generously sharing your energy and expertise with us. I look forward to working with you at some capacity in the future.
Kim Small RN, BScN
Health Educator
Women’s Wellness Program
Grey Nuns Community Hospital

Elizabeth was a delight to have as part of our incredible speaking team for Vitalize 2009, she was great work with and the delegates enjoyed her session.
Leah Paton
Wild Rose Foundation

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your talk. The feed back I received from the staff was really positive. I would recommend you for other events we require an out side speaker. Again thank you so much for a very pleasant and informative event.
Sharon Spendiff
Govt of Alberta
Employment and Immigration

Elizabeth, I can’t put down your book ! It’s fabulous, I find myself on each page, your story is interesting and touching at the same time. Thanking you for your courage, wisdom and dedication to follow your PATH.

Michelle Romano

I am reading through your book very quickly; I have to say that it is very easy to read and enjoyable to read about your life experiences. I feel as if I know you! :0) Thank you for your words and wisdom and I appreciate your creative work with Living with the Angels.

I read your book within two hours when I got home to Wetaskiwin today. It is a wonderful book and I am going to buy a few copies more to pass on to friends and family. Thank you.

I really loved your book ‘Living with Angels’! You shared ideas and thoughts that I have always had for my entire life but have never had anyone describe them so perfectly to me!!
Suzanne W

I loved the class, it helped understand about the angels around me. I know now what they feel like, their colors , the messages they bring and how they can help us daily!
Alice Powell
Ascendant Books

Quiet, gentle , extraordinary. Truly a delightful way of honouring oneself.
Karen Rachinski

Excellent! Elizabeth has a pleasant and soothing voice, explains things well and makes me want to learn more. I really enjoyed her workshops! At Minerva Seniors Studies Institute we are appreciative of Elizabeth’s contribution in the achievement of our mission of providing learning opportunities to mature adults. We are confident in recommending the services of Elizabeth of MetaMind Consulting!
Donna-Mae Winquist
Outreach Supervisor
Minerva Seniors Studies Institute

The ‘Angel Workshop’ was a big realization and awareness that you are never alone. It was a fun filled day getting to know your ‘Angels’ and understanding how they communicate with you every minute of the day. Once you allow them to really become a part of your life and ask for their guidance…amazing things start to happen! Thank-you Elizabeth you are an ‘Earth Angel’.
Cheryl Semeniuk
Essential Spa & Wellness

Angel Connections was an excellent workshop in connecting with your angels, whether you ever had before or not. Elizabeth’s knowledge and skill as a facilitator, with her guided meditations and exercises, provided a safe environment for angel connections to happen. And angels were with us. They are definitely real! One method I found especially powerful in opening up to my own spirit and connecting more clearly with the angels was Elizabeth’s chakra cleansing and balancing meditation. I recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to experience feelings of peace and being deeply centered – as well as connecting with their angels! I am looking forward to Angel Connections II.
Dina P

Elizabeth is good. She gently pushes you into the doorways that stand open before you, encouraging you to heed the wisdom of the angelic realm and the words of your soul. Elizabeth has a gift which she most graciously shares. A gift that, should you choose to open it, will serve to enrich your life; it has mine.
Jan Ruhl

I felt safe and joyous as I explored the outer realm with the loving guidance of my guides and angels. My eyes have been opened to infinite possibilities. Powerful!
Kathleen Gagnon

I appreciate all of the mindful information that has been presented thus far; I can see how I can start to apply it all very practically into my life.
Lynne C

I was aware of the acknowledgement that the path I am on is the right path.
Wendy C

This is a jewel the masses are letting pass them by.
Roxane B

Lots of good information and stories.
Tracy G

I most enjoyed the clarity with which the concepts and techniques were described using identifiable analogies.
Catherine S

Elizabeth has been insightful, empowering and an entertaining presenter. Please ask her back again.
Connie Nagy

The guided meditation was excellent.
Cathy S

I enjoyed all aspects of the presentation.
Lois S

The course was very interesting. I didn’t have any information about chakras. I have learned some interesting subjects.
Steffei R

I enjoyed the discovery of the power of my own mind. That I am able to reach a state of meditation deep enough to open my mind and soul to receive.
Sandra D

For me I most enjoyed gaining the knowledge that I acquired to help confirm feelings and thoughts. To have the knowledge of whom to specifically call on.
Teri H

An excellent refresher for me, brought me back to the basics of asking and watching for signs.
Carolynn A

I most enjoyed being with others who share the same thoughts.
Jennifer C

I really enjoyed the knowledge that I acquired to help confirm feelings and thoughts.
Terri Hayes

This was my first exposure to contacting the angels and really asking for help and support. This has shown that there is more to be explored and understood about my self if has been a great experience.
Sandy M

I most enjoyed learning about the chakras.
Nanette M

The guided meditation was excellent.
Cathy S

I enjoyed Elizabeth’s presentation and use of many different sources and ideas.

The openness of the group and the reception of everyone, going where we went not necessarily where we were supposed to go. Not a structured learning setting.
Collette J

Everything was very interesting and was just what I was looking for.
Susan G

I most enjoyed the tangible tools to de-stress, realistic how to’s, internal and external tools to deal with stress. Very varied.
Anna B

I enjoyed it all! Doing readings for one another without cards was a lot of fun and very interesting. Information flowed and felt natural.
Lynette S

I enjoyed the atmosphere of the workshop with the music, incense and with Elizabeth’s Energy.
Susan M

Nice balance between traditional learning (writing on board) and non-traditional learning (like in drawings). The guided chakra balancing/cleansing was wonderful.
Kirsten O

I most enjoyed the good energy it invoked throughout deep and fully. Very soothing and at the same time invigorating.
Alana S

The best part was getting in touch with my feelings. \
Maxime J

I most enjoyed the feeling of cleansing, healing and joy. I have a new sense of enlightenment.
Lee B

Going thought the meditations. Showing us how to ask the different angels to help us in their respective ways, with these gifts.
Joyce W

I most enjoyed the comforting energy and the guidance from the angels.
Jason D

I am eternally grateful to you for the immense knowledge you offered to us – so practical yet so heartfelt and so important! I have already recommended you and your services to friend and will at every opportunity. I am also utilizing the tools and reading more about the Law of Attraction and anything I can get my hands on. I look forward to a coaching session and hope to attract more abundance to have this as a regular tool for me down the road. I can see how much it would help me move upward and keep my motivation up to do whatever it takes to change my life circumstances as they are now. THANK YOU
Roxane B

I enjoyed the atmosphere of the workshop with the music, incense and with Elizabeth’s energy. I really liked the meditations and the relaxed atmosphere it brought. Receiving the gifts was very nice; it made it more personal and memorable. Being able to get artistic again and remember what it was like to draw as a child. Lots of fun! Thank you!
Susan M

My least favourite thing was that the day was too short; it all went by so quickly. I really enjoyed the discussions of each archangel, then the meditation time to draw. This helped me become more in tune with the angels and more comfortable with their energy. Really enjoyed the course. Thank you.

Thank you it was a wonderful feeling, helped me to understand different energies of angels and who comes when you need help in different areas of life and situations. Peace is with you.

Your giving me what I need at this time. Thank you my little blessing!! Hugs, Love and Light.
Trish B

Thank you your seminar was wonderful. –
Chris U

After attending Elizabeth’s Angels seminar I felt still the least bit sceptical about this whole Angel thing. Yet never being one to go against intuition, I followed her instructions on sending Angels to protect other people. My boyfriend and his children went to a family reunion in British Columbia. After leaving Elizabeth’s I asked the Angels, I said Angels will you please provide extra protection to my boyfriend and his family on there vacation. 3 days went by and I hadn’t heard from my boyfriend, so I called. He said that out of the 29 people in his family only 7 of them hadn’t come down with the Norwalk virus. Those 7 people I asked the Angels for extra protection were protected. I am so thankful for Elizabeth’s insight and instructions. And eternally grateful to the Angels for protecting my loved ones that day. Thanks.
Megan S

Open easy and casual atmosphere conducive to discussion. Elizabeth was very open and offered suggestions for various aspects of life.

I needed to be reminded that I have the power to make change.
Rose C

I loved your car example, attitude of gratitude, well explained. Thanks for sharing your passion. All the best.

The emphasis on moving on and letting go of the past, and about being persistent. I enjoyed those things the most.
Maria C

There was a lot of information that was insightful, motivational. It helped to get one thinking more of how one lives and perceives life.
Suzanna A

Everything was excellent. I loved the analogies about golf balls and sand. It has really opened my mind as to what I have been putting first.
Stephanie P

I most enjoyed the interaction between the participants you guided us to out readings drawing out our strengths.
Mickey K

I most enjoyed the gentle guidance along the spiritual path. I love it all!
Kathleen G

Your positive energy! I also very much enjoyed the angel cards. I cam today to learn more about living with angels and connections and I feel I came away with both! This is obviously a process that takes time and practice in addition to letting go of old ways of thinking.
Colleen A

I most enjoyed the oracle cards and hearing your personal transformation and journey.
Mary C

Very enlightening. Affirmed some things I already knew but taught me quite a bit as well left feeling positive. I enjoyed everything loved hearing personal stories, I only wish there was more time.
Stefanie H

I most enjoyed the stories, the energy, how the angels can change your life.
Denise R

I really enjoyed your sense of humor. Your stories and metaphors help my learning.
Madeleine P

I finally came to a place where I have wanted to be for quite sometime. The guided mediations were most wonderful. I now have a new area in my life that will bring me peace and to the right direction. I would like to practice more; I feel I have only touched on my intuition.
Laura E

I enjoyed meeting the other women in and environment where one could share one’s feelings without judgment who had similar interests.
Sheri C

I loved learning how to work more deeply with the archangels and what we could ask for is limitless.
Jeanne D

I most enjoyed sharing with others, learning about chakras, individuality, the light and relaxed feeling! The information that was given to us and how it was presented. Elizabeth was very knowledgeable and made it easy to understand.
Donna J

The meditations and artwork were powerful. The energy of our small group was amazing.

I enjoyed the mandalas the most, the ones we were working on throughout the day as well as the CD working on the chakras.
Jackie P

Very relaxing! Loved the music! The presentation clear, calm and open. The abundance of time to all it to happen. A very warm group of people to spend the day with.
Corene F

I enjoyed learning about the mirrors I can us around my body. I enjoyed making myself and tuning my chakras in. I learned more about what I am already surrounding myself with. The new learning’s have grounded me.
Collette B

The workshop was very informative and very well delivered.
Marcy H

Overall content was enjoyable and will be useful in my life.
Collette F