Because you have a sense that your life could or should be better,   

but you don’t know how to get there.

                                                                                                   Do you have thoughts like these?


I would but I’m not_”you choose“_ ( young enough, old enough, smart enough, good enough, thin enough, rich enough)

I would but I’m …. married, single, divorced, tired, sick, depressed, sad, busy, stressed, disorganized or  a procrastinator.

A coach is someone who lovingly kicks your but! (I mean that as a 1st degree black belt in TKD). Just kidding!  I won’t physically kick you, however as your coach I will help you kick the “but” habit.

Whatever your buts are.

They are keeping you from living the life you really want, desire and prefer.

If your life isn’t working its hard to navigate on your own, almost every successful person has a life coach. We are used to hearing about voice coaching, sports coaching, acting coaching, and yet not life coaching.

Everyone needs a manual for creating the life they want… now you can have your own.

If you want to step away from those nagging feelings that something more is possible, and step into realizing your potential and possibility.

Now is the time to hire me to help you realize the life you want.

Coaching offers, practical, relevant, sincere, non – judgmental information about life, sex and relationships. Coaching will help you become more psychologically healthy know matter what your gender, age, sex preference, religion or relationship status.

Are you unhappy with your relationship, your job, or your health? Do you have a genuine desire for greater aliveness and more positive experiences in your life?

If your life is lackluster and you truly want to improve your life experience then read on. If you are totally comfortable with your status quo and want your life to be relatively similar over the years then read no further.

My life today is amazing, rich, full and zesty! Filled with joy, laughter, excellent clients (like you), work I love (speaking, coaching, mentoring, teaching, writing), great love, wonderful friends, amazing health, awesome vacations and a teenager. (Okay, so we all have a particular burden to carry.) Life doesn’t always deliver what we prefer; there can be challenges to get through.

Moving through all of your trials and tribulations in a constructive manner is the key to living with the greatest amount of joy.

As a coach I Provide knowledge, feedback, perspective and insight.  Coaching is the best method for personal and professional development.

Coaching can encompass work, relationships, spiritual, health, sexuality, grief or depression relief.  It is a unique and highly individualized developmental experience.

I utilize all of my training including my Education Degree, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Grief Therapy (Because death and as Forrest Gump said “Sh*t happens”) I am a licensed spiritual counselor. I add in teachings I have garnered from earning my Black belt, Yoga teacher training, If you are not experiencing a joyful, excitement for life at home or at work, allow me to assist you on your journey to living an exceptional and happier life.

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